MX vs ATV Unleashed Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything

At the cheat code entry enter "TOOLAZY" to unlock everything!

Create Your Own Monster Truck

Go to the cheat menu and enter "My Monster" and select Monster Truck in a race or free ride.Then Go to customize vehicle and it should say create your own.

Unlock All Vehicles

Enter "leadfoot" as a code.

Get $1,000,000


Unlock 50cc Bikes

Enter "minimoto" to unlock 50cc bikes

Unlock Everything

To unlock everything type in lazyboy.

All 500cc Bikes

At the cheat code entry enter: BIGBORE for all 500cc bikes

Unlock All Riders

Enter "WANNABE" to unlock all riders

Unlock All Gear

Enter "WARDROBE" to unlock all gear

All Freestyle Tracks

Enter "Huckit" for all freestyle tracks

MX vs ATV Unleashed Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Leaving Start Gate Before Time

Go to the racing part in single or 2 player. Choose a monster truck. When you are at the starting gate, lean back and hit gas. You should have gone over the starting gate. Try it in the super cross tracks.

How To Get Easy Money (points)

Race against monster trucks.

Easy Store Points

For faster and easier store points, go into "Single Player" and select Freestyle, High Score Challenge, and select the course. By competing in the competition, store points will be given to you as half of the amount of points from tricks. This is a lot faster and gives you more money than racing or other championships.

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