MX vs ATV Untamed Cheats & Codes

Fox Racing Gear

Go to the options menu, go to cheats, enter the code crazylikea, click done!

All Handlebars

In the cheatcodes section, enter NOHANDS.

Unlock Graphics

Enter STICKERS as a cheat code.

MX vs ATV Untamed Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Scrubs allow you to jump the same distance while flying lower. Doing a scrub is similar to a Three Sixty. Before leaving the top of a jump, hold (A) then left stick (turn left) and then left stick (turn right ). You can also by holding (A) left stick (turn right) and then left stick (turn left). Let go of (A) when you are ready to stop scrubbing. (Notice) this only works when controller mode is in default mode. Or to customize it, go to: OPTIONS, then PREFERENCES then STUNT MAPPING.


With the backflip and 360 hold RB before you get to ramp when on ramp press the buttons needed before exiting the ramp.
Backflip: Press RB, Up, Down. 
360: Press RB, Left, Right. 
Double Can: Press B, Up. 
Double Grab: Press B, Right. 
Heart Attack: Press B, Down. 
Heel Clicker: Press B, Left. 
9 O'Clock Indian Air: Press Y, Up. 
9 O'Clock Nac: Press Y, Right. 
Can Can: Press Y, Down. 
Disco Can: Press Y, Left. 
Nothing: Press RB + B, Up . 
Pendulum: Press RB + B, Right. 
Rigomortis: Press RB + B, Down. 
Rodeo: Press RB + B, Left. 
Indian Air: Press RB + Y, Up. 
Ninja Nac: Press RB + Y, Right. 
No Footer: Press RB + Y, Down. 
No Handed Disco Can: Press RB + Y, Left. 
Ruler: Press Y, B, Up. 
Saran Wrap: Press Y, B, Right. 
Shaolin: Press Y, B, Down. 
Stripper: Press Y, B, Left. 
Super Can: Press RB + Y, B, Up. 
Superman: Press RB + Y, B, Right. 
Super Seat Grab: Press RB + Y, B, Down. 
Rock Solid: Press RB + Y, B, Left. 
Sterilizer: Press B, Up. 
Sterilizer: Press B, Right. 
Taunt: Press B, Down. 
No Footer: Press B, Left. 
No Hander: Press Y, Up. 
Side Saddle: Press Y, Right. 
Side Saddle: Press Y, Down. 
Side Saddle: Press Y, Left.

MX vs ATV Untamed Unlockables & Awards

Kudos Achievement

Watch the credits from start to finish.

Clean Freak Achievement

Wash off all the mud on your vehicle and rider in a large body of water.

Daredevil Achievement

Perform a 8x stunt combo.

Holeshot Achievement

Win a total of 10 Holeshot awards in Supercross races.

Fearless Achievement

Perform a 10x stunt combo.

Atv Triple Threat Achievement

Get a Gold medal in a ATV National, Supercross, and Fresstyle event series.

Mx Triple Threat Achievement

Get a Gold medal in a MX National, Supercross, and Fresstyle event series.

Hat Trick Achievement

Score three personal goals in a row within the same period in the hockey mini-game.

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