MySims Agents Cheats & Codes

Unlock The Astronaut Suit

Up down up down left right left right.

Unlock The Stealth Suit

Left right left right up down up down.

Unlock The Black Ninja Outfit

Right up right up down left down left.

MySims Agents Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Clock Repair

First, connect the wires. (It isn't hard. ) Next, put one small gears next to the spinning ones on the left side of the screen. Third, put a gear belt on the gear you placed. Fourth, put a small gear in between the two big gears. Use another gear belt to connect the big gear on the top right, to the small one needing activation. Connect the small gear in between the big ones, to the big gear under it. Put a small gear to the right of the bottom big one to activate yet another gear. Lastly, put a gear under the large one on the bottom, and use a gear belt to connect the last of the gears.

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