MySims Racing Cheats & Codes

All Upgrades

Enter the code:132465.

Mega Spoiler Rear Accessory


Butterflies Wheels

Enter code: z 7 4 h s v.

Hoistein Hood Ornament

Enter the code: 36mj5v.

MySims Racing Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


SuperBoosting is AWESOME! Mainly because, you go ULTRA FAST! You can SuperBoost by: boosting the second you get on a Boost Panel (the yellow shining pads), or by boosting once you hit the ground after jumping off of a ramp. (you MUST jump off of the ramp! ).

Challenge Types

When someone has a job for you to do, their face will pop up on a beacon-like thing and will be white. The shape, however, will vary with what they want you to do. If someone just has a task for you to do, it will be a circle. If someone wants to race you, (Chaz McFreely) it will be a diamond.

Task Time!

When someone has a task for you to do, their beacon will move up and down and be solid. When someone has a task for you to do in another area, (Forest, Snowy Hills, StuntLand) that area's symbol will move up and down.

Boost Start

During the countdown, rev up your engine so that the gauge stays in the green part. Anything else than green will give you either a Slow Start (blue) or Stall. (red).

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