Namco Museum Cheats & Codes

Dig Dug: Alternate Music

While playing, press Triangle rapidly for a few seconds. You will hear alternate music for a minute or so.

Galaga Arrangement: Display Game Time

At the Galaga Arrangement title screen press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

Namco Museum Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Freindly Fire Earns You Points

Ask the person you're playing if its okay! First you start playing you go kill your partner it doesnt matter about lives since you have infinite. This is a good way to get a highscore on it with that. This tip is on dig dug arrangment.


Do not shoot any bees as the come down. After all bugs are lined up and ready to go You will see two bees to the far left of the screen one on top of each other. Do not shoot those two bees. Kill everything but those two. After those two bees are left let them fly around and avoid them. I repeat do not shoot those two bees. After about five to ten minutes those two bees will quit firing. When they quit firing shoot them. The rest of the game none of the bugs will fire at all. This code works for level 1,2 4. After that if you haven't gotten them to quit firing start over.

Pac-Mania Mode

Get a score higher than 20,000 points in Ms. Pac-Man to unlock Pac-Mania mode.

Unlock Pac-Mania

Get a score higher than 20,000 points in Ms. Pac-Man to unlock Pac-Mania mode.

Pac-Attack Mode

Get a score higher than 25,000 points in Pac-Man to unlock Pac-Attack mode.

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