Naruto: Ninja Council Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Play As Kakashi

Defeat the game with Naruto and Sasuke with 99 Leaf symbols.

4th Jutsu

In Ninja Acadamy Level the last guy with the health before temari kill him then jump him and crawl through a crawl space and grab the giant scroll (it will leave behind a 1-up).

How To Fight Ebisu With Naruto/Sasuke

It's really quite simple with Naruto. All you have to do is use Harmen Jutsu(hold down B button) and it's a one hit KO. But with Sasuke it's little bit trickier. Either you can hit him with Senbon mutipul times, or you can hit him head on by using Jutsu(hold down B button)or press the B button mutipul times when he comes down from the trees. WARNING: Don' hit Konohamaru, your after Ebisu not him.

Beat Lord Orochimaru

Its really quite simple. When you attack, let him come to you instead of you going to him. That way you can inflict more damage and he won't do much damage to you. When doging his jutsus, remember that they have the same name, but they attack differently. The way to tell whcih side of the wall the snake is going to come out is always behind Orochimaru (ex. Orochimaru's back is facing the right, the snake comes out of the right). Even if its not that jutsu, it still helps with the snake that comes out of the ground. Keep on attacking and dodging this way until you defeat Lord Orichimaru.

Naruto: Ninja Council Unlockables & Awards

Sound Mode

Get all 100 leaves and Beat the story mode with Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi.

Gallery Mode

Beat the Story Mode.

How To Get The Sound Screen Mode

Get 100 leaf symbols.

Unlock Kakashi

Beat a story mode as Naruto and Sasuke.

Fight Garra

Get Kakashi and do all night missions.