Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


If you have the Clone2 special scroll, use it. When you summon the 2 clones, if you charge up (when you hold down instead of tap you charge Rasengan up to make it stronger and bigger, longer lasting), your 2 clones will come to aid your rasengan and, with 2 clones instead of 1, will make a Rasen-Shuriken. You may run around with it, and when you press the Rasengan special scroll button again you will charge with it. If you hit an enemy with the Rasen-Shuriken it will explode, knocking down and destroying almost every enemy within range. Be careful, though, it consumes a tremendous amount of chakra.

Dragon Style Outfit For Dragon Rasengan

To get this unlockable you have to have beaten the game on either difficulty once you've beaten the you can now wear the dragon style outfit. It will only be avaliable when you start a new game but you won't be able to tell only because it shows up after you start the second mission after you have beaten the first genryu. Remember the original outfit given to you by lady tsunade now it's the dragon style outfit which you can now use dragon rasengan.

Giant Rasengan

If you have the normal Clone special scroll, create a clone. Then, if you charge up your Rasengan, instead of the tiny Rasengan you usually use you create a Giant Rasengan. It blasts away many enemies and destroys them a lot of the time. It consumes a considerable amount of chakra, keep that in mind.

Action Button

For Wii, the Action Button is the C button. With the action button, you can talk to people, open special green chests and move, push, pull and drag objects. Also, when at a "safe zone" with Kakashi, sakura, Akari, and (later) Sai, if you talk to Kakashi you may save your game, if you talk to Sakura you will heal, and if you talk to Sai he will use Super Beast Scroll, allowing you to fly to any reigon, and remember, to talk to others, use the Action (C) button. If something seems suspicious or looks like you can do something with it, use the action button. Expiriment with it!

How To Beat Fire Genryu

Use water pistol scroll on the dragon when close to then attack.

How To Kill The Water Genreyu

After it uses its water bomb use mud wall to slash its head. Then, keep slashing at its head till the shining scale.