Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes Cheats & Codes

Team Medical Ninjas

In the heroes mode pick Tsunade, Hinata and Sakura

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

All Available Teams

These are all available teams that are already in the game and can be unlocked:
1. Team Kakashi-Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
2. Team Guy-Lee, Neji, Tenten
3. Team Kurenai-Hinata, Kiba, Shino
4. Team Asuma-Ino, Shikamaru, Choji
5. The Legendary Sannin-Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade
6. Team Sharingan-Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi
7. Team Genius-Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru
8. Triple Trouble-Choji, Naruto, Kiba
9. Hard Workers United-Naruto, Lee, Hinata
10. Maidens in Love-Hinata, Sakura, Ino
11. Akatsuki-Itachi, Kisame
12. Master & Student-Jiraiya, Naruto
13. The Cursed-Sasuke, Orochimaru
14. Hot Blood Master & Student-Lee, Guy
15. Eternal Rivals-Kakashi, Guy
16. Team Byakugan-Hinata, Neji
17. Author & Fan-Jiraiya, Kakashi
18. Uchiha Clan-Sasuke, Itachi
19. Association of Ninja Thugs-Kisame, Itachi, Orochimaru
20. Those Who Know Loneliness-Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke
21. Custom Team- Any character that doesn't form a team above.

Inner Kakashi

Fight as kakashi against sakura. Then use your secret technique. While copying her use the jutsu combo and you'll see an inner kakashi.

The Dead Bounce Back

Use master guy in a battle versus a computer player (or any player) and battle in the survival exercise grounds, BUT finish your opponent on the water with primary lotus, your screen may go shaky, thats normal, your enemy will reappear in the usual place but will immediately hop back to the edge of right tree.

Workers United

Go to custom team and pick lee hinata and naruto.

Substitution Jutsu

When you're in Hard and Insane you will need to use the Substitution Jutsu. A good technique is when you're getting hit by a combo it's best to tap the R button repeatedly and you should use it if you have enough chakra. Soon you'll become accustomed to it and will no longer need to tap it.

"Author and Fan" team

Put Jiraiya and Kakashi together in a team.

Team Hyuuga

Select Neji and Hinata in Hero Mode.

Team Byakugan

In heroes mode pick custom team an add hinata and neji only to unlock Team Byakugan.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Team Sharingan

In Heroes Mode select Sasuke,Kakashi,and Itachi to unlock this team.

Power Up All Your Character

Win INSANE MODE and be a Hokage

Unlock Itachi And Kisame

Beat them in Heroes Mode Level Insane.

Unlock Jaraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru

Beat Them in Heroes Mode Hard.

Unlock Gaara

Beat Him in Heroes Mode Level Normal.

Unlock Kakashi And Guy

Beat them in Heroes mode level easy.

Unlock: Author & Fan

In heroes mode, select Jiraiya and Kakashi to get author and fan.

Eternal Rivals

Put Kakashi and Guy on a team in Heroes Mode.

Unlock Team Those Who Know Loneliness

Choose Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara in hero mode.

Hard Workers United Team

In heroes mode, put Hinata, Naruto, and Lee together to form the hard workers united team.

Unlock Legendary Sanin

In Heroes Mode select Tsunade, Jiriaya, and Orochimaru to unlock legendary Sanin.

The Akatsuki Team

Put Uchia Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame in a team together and they form the Akatsuki team.

Unlock Team Byakugan

Team up Hinata and Neji.

How To Unlock Team Triple Trrouble

First choose hero mode, than choose custom mode, and choose Naruto, Kiba, and Choji to unlock team Triple Trouble.

Unlock Team Genius

In Hero's mode put neji sasuke and shikamaru on the same team.

Unlock Hidden Team "Maiden's In Love"

Select Hinata, Sakura, and Ino as the same team to unlock the hidden team "Maiden's In Love".

Unlock "Eternal Rivals"

In Hero's Mode, choose Guy and Kakashi as a team.

Uchhia Clan

In heroes mode put Sasuke and Itachi together.

Unlock Association Of Ninja Thugs

Add Itachi and Kisame and Orochimaru to unlock association of ninja thugs.

Unlock Cursed In Hero Mode

In hero mode, select Sasuke and Orochimaru.

Unlock Student And Master In Mode

In heroes mode, select custom team and put Naruto and Jiraiya together.

Hot Blood Master & Student

In heroes mode pick custom team and add guy and lee to unlock Hot Blood Master & Student.

Second Story Mode

Successfully complete all 100 floors in story mode to unlock second story mode with 30 floors.