NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Cheats & Codes

All Chase Plates, New

Type in first name as; Gimme and last name as; Gimme.

Max Fan Support

First Name: Super
Last Name: Star

Maximum Team Prestige

First Name: All
Last Name: ForOne

2,000,000 In Prestige

First Name: MeMyself
Last name: AndI

Unlocks Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s Plate

First Name: The
Last Name: Intimidator

Unlocks Walmart Fantasy Track

First Name: WalMart
Last Name: Exclusive

Unlock All Plates

First Name: GIMME Last Name: GIMME


First name Walmart last name Money.

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ups Truck

After either getting enough skill points or just unlocking the UPS truck's skill plate you will go to play now and scroll down to Dale Jarret and you will push either the left or right directional buttons and you will see the UPS truck. But I have to wo\arn you it is fun to drive but it tends to roll over and flip a lot.

Skill Points

Certain driving tasks performed will earn you skill points which are used to unlock secret tracks and cars from the Chase Plates screen
Move into the Top 10 = +25
Move into the Top 5 = +40
Take the Lead = +75
Lap a Car = +15
Clean Pass (no contact) = +12
Lead a Lap = +50
Share Draft = +7
Intimidate = +7
Go 3-wide = +33
Bump Draft = +15

Hero Or Villian?

If you want to be a hero, all you have to do is keep clean on the track like avoiding car crashes, not being a rude driver. Share drafting with another driver will increase your hero stats. Crashing into another driver, intimidating a foe, and being a rude driver will increase your villain level. So, whichever you choose to be, be good at it.

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