NASCAR Racing 2002 Season Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Martinsville Pace Car CHAOS

First, at the very start of the race go at least 1 or 1/2 car length from the pace car When the pace car goes quickly to the pits it may hit you real hard and cause you to be at least on 1-3 wheel (s) (be careful it may cause you to flip at times).
Second, always be second on the first 1-3 laps. In lap 3 or more quickly cause a wreck at turns 1 and 2 but don't make yourself wreck, you'll might lose position 1 while racing to caution.
Third, when you go through the pile up (don't wreck) you will see the pace car still sitting there, go a little ahead of it and when the pace car moves it will pick up speed and will cause so much destruction ALMOST EVERY CAR (including yours) will be destroyed!

Unrestricted Superspeedway Racing

This will allow you to go faster at the tracks with them on. To remove the restrictor plates at Daytona, Daytona Night, and Talladega change the line chassis_type = 1 to a 2. You can also put restrictor plates on at any other track by changing the number to a 1. You can try any chassis type at any track by putting in one of the numbers below.
1 = superspeedway with a restrictor plate 
2 = speedway 
3 = short track 
4 = road course
5 = superspeedway without a restrictor plate.

Best Start

When you get to a race, don't qualify. Then, when you're last in line, go very slow (1-5 mph) and when your spotter says "get ready, we're going green" start accelerating, when you catch up to the line, they should be just crossing the line but you'll be going way faster. IMPORTANT: Always keep your car moving durring the pace lap, otherwise the yellow will come out!