NASCAR Thunder 2003 Cheats & Codes

Unlock Extra Drivers

Enter "Extra Drivers" as your name when you create a driver.

Race As Dale Earnhardt

Enter "Dale" as a first name and "Earnhardt" as a last name under the "Create-A- Car" option.

Non Nascar Drivers

Enter "Extra" as a first name and "Drivers" as a last name under the "Create-A- Car" option.

NASCAR Thunder 2003 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Draft Disadvantage

If you want to use the drafting effect, do it, but be careful, if you get to close to another car, the drafting meter will go all the way up. And if it goes all the way up your car will slow down, slow down so much that you won't be able to keep up with the pack. Try to get the meter up to half way or a LITTLE higher then pull low or high and charge past your opponent.

Unlock New Paint Scheme

Use a driver with a paint scheme and win a race on veteran or legend to unlock a new paint scheme.

Buster Auton

When you win 170 thunder plates you will be awarded Buster Auton. He is the last thunder plate. He is a fantasy driver and he drives the pontiac pace car. This car has no damage but you can cut a tire.

Kitt Paint

Win the 36 race championship in career mode twice on easy and you will unlock the fantasy driver Kitt Paint. His car is the primor car thats on the create a car screen.

Unlock Busch Series Cars/and Legends

Each time you beat a race on the lighting challenge, you will unlock 2 drivers as thunder plates. The first driver will be Richard Petty, then you will unlock up to 23 Busch series cars plus other legends. Besides Petty there is Beny Parsons, Bobby Allison, Alan Kawicki, Tiny Lund, Elmo Langly, Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborough. Dale Earnhardt will also be one of the legends but he can be unlocked automatically by typing in his name.

Unlock All The Extra Tracks

Race any track on legend or veteran in the quick race mode and any track you race at, and if you win, you will unlock a new hidden track. The bonus tracks that you will unlock are the tracks behind the normal tracks that say locked, such as the Alabama 500 at Talledega, that is the night race. For example if you win Taledega you unlock the Alabama 500. This goes with every other track except Indianapolis speedway, New Hampshire and Bristol. These tracks do not have hidden tracks.

Unlock Night Tracks

To unlock the night tracks, you must win a race on veteran or legend setting. When you win the race, whatever track you won at, you get that track's night track. For example, if you won a race at Watkins Glen on veteran or legand setting, you get the Watkins Glen night track.

Thunder Plates

Select the Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge at the game mode screen. Complete the various challenges to get new Thunder Plates.

Tiburon Speedway Track

Use a memory card with a saved file from an EA Sports 2003 game.

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