NASCAR Thunder 2004 Cheats & Codes

All Paint Schemes

At the create-a-car screen enter your fisrt name as Albert and your last name as Ternate and you will get all paint schemes

Unlock All Create-a-Car Sponsers

To unlock all Create-a-Car Sponsers at the Main Menu punch in this code: L2, R2, X(3), R1, L2.

Driver Cameos

Under career racing mode, enter seymore as first name and drivers as last name. Resulting in additional driver cameos.


In the create a car type in "Seymore" as the first name and then "Cameos" as the last name

NASCAR Thunder 2004 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Grudges B Gone

Before you start a race, save it. Then if you hit someone on accident, shut it off and get back to it.

Unlock Bud Shootout

To unlock the Bud Shootout, win the pole for a career race. When starting the next race the Bud Shootout will be the first race.

Unlock All Create-A-Car Sponsers

To unlock all Create-A-Car Sponsers, win 2 championships in career mode.

All Fantasy Drivers

To unlock all fantasy drivers, win 3 championships in career mode.

Night Tracks

Go to season mode, then to "Custom Schedule". You can unlock night races for the day tracks.

EA Bio Bonuses

Various other Thunder plates can be unlocked by uploading your EA Bio from other 2004 EA titles, such as NCAA Football 2004, March Madness 2004, Madden 2004, ect

Unlock All Tracks

To unlock all the tracks, win 8 championships in Career mode.

Unlock All Paint Schemes

To unlock all paint schemes, win 5 championships in Career mode.

Easy(er) Thunder Licenses

Great Tip for all you freaks that like to get everything in the game. While in Veteran and Legend License mode, go full throttle (No Brakes!)into the turns, skid into the wall and try to skim along the wall on the passanger side. Once you come off the wall turn down enough to keep from hitting the wall again (if possible) and continue full throttle towards the next corner (or Finish Line). This should be enough to get that levels license (I received Legend on eveything but Daytona, Talladega, Watkins Glen, and Sonoma) with this strategy. Remember don't spin out or "Stick" your car's nose into the wall, or your screwed.

Keep From Spinning Out In Career Mode

With "Full" assist being denied in Career mode, use this in car setups to keep from spinning out. Always set up your car with more front downforce and less rear downforce. Use practice/happy hour to perfect this setup.

Unlock The #8 '03 Nabisco Chevy

Reach level 4 of your Bio and you will unlock the Dale Jr 2003 Nabisco Chevy car.

Bud Shootout

Reach level 18 in your EA Bio to unlock the Bud Shootout.

All-Star Race

Reach level 16 in your EA Bio to unlock the All-Star race.

4 New Cars

Go to speed zone and complete all the levels for passing, drafting, time trials and blocking. You will recieve the car you are using on the courses for each one. You only need to get a bronze or higher to comlete the level.

Unlock Dale Earnhardt

To unlock Dale Earnhardt, you must get to Level 2 in your EA Sports bio.

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