NBA 09: The Inside Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Baskets

Are you having difficulty shooting a basket during the game? If so then follow this guideline. First get your best shooters and let then have the ball. When preparing to shoot you will notice a circle around the ball that changes color. In order for the ball to go in basket make sure that you hold the circle button long enough for it to turn green. If it doesn't then it's ok. Another thing you could try is if the circle doesn't turn green then you could just aim and let go at a different color. That different color has to be near green. The closer it is to green then the more of a chance you will have of making the basket.

How To Get 500 Tickets

You get 500 tickets if you finish a franchise. Stimulate the franchise until you get to 2033 and then you will get 500 tickets.

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