NBA 2K3 Cheats & Codes


Enter "SPRINGER" as a case-sensitive code. Trash will be blowing around during games in street mode.

Duotone Graphics

Enter "DUOTONE" as a case-sensitive code to have your player in color with all other players in black and white.

Bonus Teams

Enter "MEGASTARS" as a case-sensitive code to unlock three bonus teams.

Cheat Menu

Enter the options menu and select "Gameplay". Hold D-pad Left + Left Analog-stick Right and press Start. The "Codes" selection will now be unlocked at the options menu.

NBA 2K3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Shrimpy Dunkers

Go to create A player. Make your guy 4'6 and 100 on dunking and what ever on the rest. Create A tam and put your guy on it or asign him to A team. Go to quick mode give it to your guy get down low and he will dunk.

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