NBA 2K7 Cheats & Codes

Nba 2k Team

Enter "bestsim" as a code to unlock the NBA 2K team.

Washington Wizards secondary road uniform

Enter "zw9idla" as a code.

Alternate Jerseys

  • Bobcats' New Alternate Jersey : bcb8sta
  • Jazz's New Alternate Jersey : zjb3lau
  • Nets' New Alternate Jersey : nrd4esj
  • St. Patrick Day uniforms for the Knicks, Bulls, and Celtics : tpk7sgn
  • Wizard's New Alternate Jersey : zw9idla
  • Passwords/Codes

  • +10 Defensive Awareness : getstops
  • +10 Offensive Awareness : inthezone
  • All-Star Ball(Xbox 360 Only) : ply8mia
  • All-Star Uniforms : syt6cii
  • International All-Stars : tns9roi
  • Maximum Durability for one game : ironman
  • NBA 2K Team : bestsim
  • New Orleans Hornets - Valentine's Day : vdr5lya
  • Superstar Team : rta1spe
  • Unlimited Stamina for one game : norest
  • Unlocks the ABA ball : payrespect
  • Unlocks the Topps 2k7 team : topps2ksports
  • All-Star Ball

    Enter ply8mia as a code.

    International All-star Team

    Enter "tns9roi" as a code to unlock the International All-star team.

    Charlotte Bobcats Secondary Road Uniform

    Enter "bcb8sta" as a code.

    New Jersey Nets Secondary Road Uniform

    Enter "nrd4esj" as a code.

    Utah Jazz Secondary Road Uniform

    Enter "zjb3lau" as a code.

    Superstar Team

    Enter "rta1spe" as a code to unlock the Superstar team.

    Topps Nba 2k7 Team

    Enter "topps2ksports" as a code to unlock the Topps NBA 2K7 team.

    Infinite Stamina

    Enter "norest" as a code.

    Maximum Durability

    Enter "ironman" as a code.

    +10 Defensive Awareness

    Enter "getstops" as a code.

    +10 Offensive Awareness

    Enter "inthezone" as a code.

    Aba Ball

    Enter "payrespect" as a code.

    Unlock The Topps 2k7 Team


    Maximum Durability


    Unlimited Stamina


    NBA 2K7 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

    200+ Points In Game

    Pick your team and start the game when it goes to tipoff, pause the game go to options then to gameslders, put 3 pt. Success to 100 then go to defense and put strip success to 100 and whenever you have the ball shoot a three pointer with any player then when the other team throws the ball run up behind them and steal the ball works every time.

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