NBA 2K8 Cheats & Codes

St. Patty's Day Uniforms

At the Code menu, enter the code: uclerehanp

The Superstars Team

Enter the code: llmohffaae

Get 2008 All Star Uniform

Enter the code: haeitgyebs

Get Pacer's Road Uniforms

At the cheat code menu, enter: cpares

Get Bobcats Racing Uniforms

Enter the code (in the codes menu): agtaccsinr

Unlock Pactrick Ewing

Put 2kpatwing as a code

Spudd Webb

Enter lilman as a code.

NBA Development Team

Enter nba2k as a code.

ABA Ball

Enter payrespect as a code.

Michael Jordon

Enter mj23 as a code.

2ksports Team

Enter 2ksports as a code.

Visual Concepts Team

Enter vcteam as a code.

NBA 2K8 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Allen Iverson As A Point Guard

Switch Allen Iverson to Point Guard. He's is a shorter type player, more suited for the position. While playing at Shooting Guard, he has to play against Talent such as Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant. Both better than him. He is better off against Nash and Paul.

The Alley-Hoop

Pull the RT and LT trigger at the same time while pressing a as one of your teamates are headed to the goal.

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