NBA 2K9 Cheats & Codes

2K9 China Team

To unlock the 2008 China team, enter the code: 2kchina.

Unlock All Jerseys

Go to "codes" and type in "allteamjerseys".

Aba Ball

Enter Payrespect as a code.

All Star Jerseys

Go to the features and the enter codes, and enter: Llaveyfonus.

Nba Development Team

Enter nba2k as a code.

Visual Concepts Team

Enter vcteam as a code.

Superstars Team

Enter llmohffaae as a code.

2KSports Team

Enter 2ksports as a code.

NBA 2K9 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Throwing Free Throws

When you are up on the other team's court and you are about to throw a free throw it tells you to pull down the right analog stick. When you pull down the right analog stick wait about a 1 or maybe 2 seconds and pull up slightly and you''ll make the shot 90% of the time. When I mean pull up slightly sometimes you might have to pull up fast and a bit hard to make the shot.

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