NBA Hangtime Cheats & Codes

Sequence Codes

At the Tonight's Matchup screen, press the following button sequences as the teams are being announced. If you entered the code correctly, the code box will flash.

Code				What It Does

Hold Left and press Turbo		Outdoor court
Hold Left and press Turbo(3)		Rooftop jam
Hold Right and press Shoot, Turbo, Pass	Turbo ABA ball
Hold Up and press Turbo + Pass		Big heads
Press Up(2), Pass, Turbo			Huge heads
Press Left(2), Pass, Turbo		No tag arrow
Press Down(2), Shoot, Turbo		No drifting
Hold Right and press Pass(2)		No CPU assistance
Sweep the D-pad clockwise in
 a Full-Circle starting at Up		Shot percentage

Numeric Codes

At the Tonight's Matchup screen, press Turbo (for the first number), Shoot (for the second number), and Pass (for the third number) the indicated amount of times below to enable the corresponding cheat effect:

Code	Effect

111	Tournament Mode 
025	Baby Mode 
048	No Music 
937	No Goaltending 
709	Quick Hands 
802	Maximum Power 
284	Maximum Speed 
552	Hyper Speed 
273	Stealth Mode 
461	Unlimited Turbo 
390	No Pushing 
120	Fast Passing 
616	Block Power

X-Tra Players

Hardwy - 0000(Penny Hardaway)
Amrich - 2020(Dan Amrich)
Bardo - 6000
Carlos - 1010
Cliffr - 0000(Cliff Robinson)
Daniel - 0604
Danr - 0000(Dan Roan)
Davidr - 0000(David Robinson)
Divita - 0201(Sam Divita)
Dream - 0000(Hakeem Olajuwon)

Random Team Select

At the team selection screen, hold Turbo + Up.

NBA Hangtime Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Put Any Player On Any Team

At the enter name screen put in any NBA player's name, then enter the pin number 000. That person will be on every NBA team. He also has hidden attributes and is usually better than everyone else. You must put this code in every time you start a new game. Note: This code does not work with Jordan and Shaq.

Team Fire

Shoot three consecutive alley oops. Then, your team will be on fire for twenty seconds after getting possession of the ball.

On Fire

Shoot three consecutive baskets to set your player on fire.

Change Dennis Rodman's Hair Color

Select the Chicago Bulls, choose a squad with Dennis Rodman. Then, press C-Right to change his hair color.

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