NBA Jam Extreme Cheats & Codes

Keep record screen codes

Enter following codes on the keep record screen. They are entered one pair of letters at a time. Enter the first pair, backspace twice, and enter the next pair and repeat until the code is complete. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and see a flash. Now at this point, you can enter a normal record entry. Start at playoffs Enter PL, AY, OF, FS. Start at finals Enter FI, NA, LS. Start with 2-0 playoff record Enter CH, EE, SY. Start with 3-0 finals record Enter NO, VI, CE. Go to the Shootout for 45 seconds before game Enter SH, OO, TO, UT. Sound test mode Enter KA, ZO, O. Now Sound test will appear just before the team select screen allowing the music and sounds from the game to be played.

Pre-game codes

On the select screen, begin entering the following controller actions and completing them on the Vs. screen. The final action of the code should be completed on the Vs. Screen to activate the cheat. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound effect and a picture of a player will appear at the bottom of the screen. Display shot percentage Hold Extreme + Shoot. Permanent Turbo Hold Turbo and press Up, Down, Up, Down. No turbo meters Hold Turbo + Extreme and press Up, Down, Up, Down. No crowd Hold Extreme + Pass + Up.

Tip-off codes

Enter the following codes before the tip-off during the time the referee walks out and throws the ball in the air. Note: Entry of a code effects all players in the game. On codes with multiple button presses, entry of a button too many times will disable the code from entry by other players. No CPU assistance Press Extreme, Turbo, Pass(2). If you entered the code correctly, the phrase "computer assistance off" will appear. Play with beach ball Press Pass(2), Turbo, Extreme, Turbo, Pass(2). Now the ball will change to a beach ball (three times normal size and flies at half speed) at tip-off. Play with soccer ball Press Pass(2), Turbo(3), Extreme(3). Now the ball will change to a soccer ball at tip-off. Power push Press Turbo(2), Pass(2), Turbo(2), Pass(2), Turbo(2), Pass(2), Turbo(2). Now opposing players will be pushed three times as far across the floor. Maximum dunk and three points stat for every player Press Turbo(5), Pass, Extreme, Turbo(6). Maximum three points stat for every player Press Pass(8), Extreme, Pass(7). Maximum rebound stat for every player Press Pass(2), Extreme, Special, Extreme, Turbo. Maximum steal/block stat for every player Press Pass(3), Turbo(3), Extreme(3), Pass(3). Maximum speed stat for every player Press Extreme(10), Pass(3). Goaltending allowed Press Extreme(8), Pass, Extreme(9). High arc shots Press Turbo(5), Pass(2), Turbo(6).

Dribble codes

Enter the following codes while playing a game: Dribble under feet Quickly press Turbo(2). Dribble behind back Quickly press Extreme(2). Dribble demo Quickly press Pass, Turbo, Extreme.

Big feet

When exiting the Big Head selection screen, hold Left or Right.

Short players with big heads

On the big head selection screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, then hold Up and select the "Yes" option.

Hidden mini-game

In a four-player game when exiting the select screen, hold Up + Extreme on all four D-pads. Now a four-player game called Head-er-oids will begin.

Marshmallow treats

Just before the screen dims at the end of the title sequence, hold Up on all D-pads.

Hidden team select

Press Down + Turbo to make the cursor and team choices disappear while they are being selected.

Random team select

At the team selection screen, press Up + Turbo.

Random player select

After selecting a random team, press Up + Turbo.

Hidden stats

On the team select screen, press Left + Extreme to toggle the stats display for each player.

Joke screen

Hold Start and turn on the PlayStation to display a screen that resembles assembly and C code.

Access all teams

On the "Initials" screen, hold L1 + R1 and enter the initials YME and the date May 17.