NBA Live 06 Cheats & Codes

T-Mac 5 Shoes

258SHQW95B - Black
HGS83KP234P - White

A3 Garrnet Shoes


Alternate Uniform

KW71J7F6M7-Sacramento Kings

Throwback Jerseys

N76I33A4L2-Memphis Grizzlies
Z043H119Y-Miami Heat
T73R387HF2-New Jersey Nets
S25LFG33Z4-New York Knicks
IX55LD1A9P-Orlando Magic
L76HJY52K6-Phoenix Suns
S27T3E9V1E-Seattle Supersonics
J44X9YLL3F-Washington Wizards

S. Carter Shoes


Answer IX Retro Shoe

Enter AI9BUBBA7T as a code. This will also unlock a hidden video message by Allen Iverson.

Freestyle Super Stars: High Flyer

Alley Oop to yourself: Hold L + Y on a fast break. 
Cockback Dunk: Hold L + B.
Lay up: Hold L + X.
Leaning Tomahawk Dunk: Hold L and tap A.
One handed dunk: Hold L and tap B.
One Handed Windmill: Hold L + A.
Two Handed Tomahawk: Hold L and tap X.
Two Handed Windmill Dunk: Hold L + Y.
Various different dunks: Hold L and tap Y. 

Unlockable Jerseys

193KSHU88J... Boston Celtics
9922NVDKVT... Cleveland Cavaliers
XWETJK72FC... Denver Nuggets
JANTWIKBS6... Detroit Pistons
PSDF90PPJN... Indiana Pacers 05-06 Away Jersey
SDF786WSHW... Indiana Pacers 05-06 Home Jersey

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