NBA Live 2000 Cheats & Codes

Cheating Stuff

First pause the game when you have not even jumped ball yet. Press Down, A and see the stuff there is like:
Boost- left-c
Steel the ball- down-c
Do a cool trick(you have to have the ball)-right-c
Shoot after holding ball with two hand's-hold up and press -b- -b-

Michael Jordan

Defeat Michael Jordan one-on-one in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.

NBA Live 2000 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beating Michael Jordan

To easily beat M.J., create a player with an overall rating of 99. Make him big so he can block M.J.'s shots, 'cause they never miss!

Unlock Isiah Thomas

Get 15 steals by one player in a all-pro mode to unlock Isiah Thomas. He will reside in the free agents list.

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