NBA Live 2004 Cheats & Codes

Bouns Team

Enter MYTIRO875 to unlock 5 bonus teams.

Play As Nelly

Enter "DIRTY ENT" as his last name when you go to Create a player.

Play As Method Man And Redman

Enter "WU-TANG CLAN" as Method Man's last name when you go to Create a player, then go back and enter "WOOF WOOF" the same way to get Redman.

Play As Eminem

Enter "SLIMSHADY" as his last name when you Create a player .

Play As 50 Cent

Enter in "G-UNIT" as his last name to when you go to Create a Player.

Bonus Parks

Enter "49TJ95GJ5" to unlock six Bouns Parks.

Play As Twista

Enter "SLOWJAMS" as his last name when go to Create a player.

Unlock All Hidden Players

At the NBA Codes Menu type in "POON8843PLKM" to unlock Thirteen Hidden Players.

Play On The Street And Pick Street Wear

Go to codes and type in "GROUND PLAY" leave and then go directly back and type in "MP313X2P3" then both teams will be able to pick the Jersey they want to wear.

Play As Master P And Silkk The Shocker

Go to create a Player and type in "No Limit" as the last name to unlock both Master p and Silkk the Shocker.

Play As G-Unit

At create a player for there last names type in "CENT" for 50 Cent "BANKS" for Lloyd Banks "BUCK" for Young Buck "YAYO" for Tony Yayo and "UNIT" for Game.

Unlock Hidden Players

On the Main Menu, Select Team Management. Then Select Roster Management, and go to Create Player. Enter the codes as the Last Name of Created Player to Unlock them.
WHSUCPOI-Aleksander Pavlovic
POCKDLEK-Andreas Glyniadakis
SDGURKL-Carlos Delino
NBVSMCN-James Lang 
OEISNDLA-Kyle Korver
POSNEGHX-Mario Austin
SKENXIDO-Malick Badiana
BBVDKCVM-Matt Bonner
ZXDSDRKE-Nedzad Sinanovic
QWPOASZX-Paccelis Morlende
ITNVCJSD-Remon Van De Hare
POILKJMN-Rick Rickert
ZXCCVDRI-Sani Becirovic
IOUBFDCJ-Sofoklis Schortsanitists
POIOJIS-Szymon Szewczyk
XCFWQASE-Tommy Smith
WMZKCOI-Xue Yuyang

Make NBA Players Fight

Go to Codes and typein "REAL LIFE" if done right once fouled and knocked to the ground Hurry and press "R,L,B,A" at the same time and your player will fight once he gets up. If he do fight he will be ejected from the game.

Play As Nelly And St. Lunatics

Go to create a player and for there last names to unlock them all type in "DIRTY ENT"

Air Foamposite II

Type in 2389jase3e in the NBA Code to get the Air Foamposite II Colorway Shoes.

Air Zoom Flight Colorway 1/Air Flight '89

Type in 367UEY6SN in the NBa Code to get the Air Zoom Flight Colorway 1. Then type in GF9845JHR4 in the same place to get the Air Flight '89 Shoes.

Shox BB4 Shoes/Air Jordan III Shoes

Enter the code 424TREU777 to unlock Shox BB4 shoes. Then Enter the code CVJ554TJ58 to unlock Air Jordan III Shoes.

Unlock Outkast , Twista and Freeway

Go to Create a player and type "HEYYA" for Outkast go back and type in "SLOWJAMZ" for Twista then go back again and type in "PHILWAY" for Freeway. Make sure you type it as there last names.

All Hard Wood Classics

Enter 725JKPLMM

Air Foamposite Pro Colorway 1,2, And 3

Type in "DG56TRF446" for the fisrt one then "3245AFSD45" for the second on then "DSKF38422" for the third one, But go to the NBA code and type it in.

Jordan 11 Black/Varsiity Royal/White

Enter HJ987RTGFA

Air Hyperflight Color 3 And 4

Type in "A0K374HF8S" for the first one in the NBA Code and go back and type in "JCX93LSS88" for the second one.

G-Unit New Shoes

Enter 5G4U3N2I1T

Play As Dj-Clue And Fabulous

Go to Create a player and type in "MIXTAPES" for DJ-clue, Then go back and type in "GHETTOFAB" for Fabulous. Both as there last names.

Play As B-Rich And Hot Karl

For a Last name at Create a player type in "DOLLABILLS". Then go back and type in "CALIFORNIA".

Play As Snoop Dogg

Type in "DOGGPOUND" for a last name when you create a player.

Bouns Teams

Type in "MKJHTY689BV" code to unlock four bouns teams.

All NBA Gear, All Shoes, All Team Gear And 15,000 Store Pts

NBA Gear - ERT9976KJ3
Shoes - POUY985GY5
Team Gear - YREY5625WQ
15,000 pts - S7843H5F9P

Unlock All Classic Jerseys

Type in the code 725JKUPLMM

Air Flightposite Shoes

Go to codes and put in OP5465UX12.

Blazer Shoes

Enter the code XCV6456NNL.

Nike Shox VC III Shoes

Go to the cheat menu and type "SDFH764FJU"

LeBron James New Shoes

Enter 23LBJNUMB1

Play As Busta Rhymes

Create a player with "FLIPMODE" as a last name. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Just Blaze

Go to create a player. Put in "goodbeats". If you entered the code correctly, a messege will come up.

Play As Jermaine Dupri

Create a player and enter SOSODEF as the last name.

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