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Atlants Hawks alternate jersey: HDI834NNUA
Golden State Warriors alternate jersey: NAVNY2957P
Dallas Mavericks alternate jersey: AAPSEUD09U

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NBA Live 2005 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


When training your players in dynasty mode, you can now put all 100 points in 1 category. Other categories will not deplete either.

Elbow Hang Dunk

To do an elbow hang dunk, first hold the L button, press B as your gather, and press Y as your trick and your character will put his elbow in the rim.

Behind The Back Dunk

To Do a behind the back donk hold the L button, Press B for a gather and X as your trick and you will do a behind the back dunk.

Flip Gather

To do a flip on your gather you must first do a ball toss. after your ball toss run towards the basket hold the L button and press X twice. The character will do a flip and then go on to catch the ball and do a dunk.

Between The Legs Twice Dunk

To go between the legs twice on a dunk, before the gather hold the L button and while you are doing that press X on your gather and X for your trick. Note that you will have to hold X on your trick a little longer than normal.

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