NBA Live 2005 Cheats & Codes

Front Flip

Okay here's the scoop when you throw an ally hoop while the ball is in the air HOLD L1, R1, and press circle he will do the flip and jump automaticlly so you will have to time it just right.

All Team Gear

Enter FHM389HU80 as a code.

Hawks Alt. Uniform

Go to the NBA Lounge, NBA codes, then enter HDI834NN9N.

Celtics Alt. Uniform

Go to NBA Lounge, select NBA codes, then enter XCV43MGMDS.

Lebron II Shoes


New Orleans Alt. Jersey


Golden State Alt. Jersey


Atlanta Alt. Jersey


Seattle Alt. Jersey


Mavericks Alt. Jersey


NBA Live 2005 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Statue Of Liberty

Move towards the basket, tap X once, rotate the Left Analog-stick 360 degrees, then tap Circle.

Vince Carter Arm In Rim Dunk

While holding L1, move towards the basket and start your gather with Square, then press Triangle for the dunk. For highest score, hold Triangle as long as possible.

Between The Legs Twice Dunk

Hold L1 + R1 and move toward basket with Circle. Then, tap Circle again this will give you automaticlly 50 points.

Off The Big Screen And Camera

To go off the Big Screen press left or right (depending on what way u want to go) on the d- pad (not the Analog Stick) make sure you dont press any modifiers. To go off the camera press up on the d-pad without holding any modifiers

Cradle Dunk In Dunk Competition

A cradle dunk is a good dunk for the dunk contest. It will usually give you a 9 or 10 scores from the judges. To do it, hold on to R1 [throughtout whole dunk], gather with square, and then click square again and hold for a second or two, then let go. Always do it in a diagonal direction or else it might not go in, most likely, or a different dunk will be used, not a really good one.

Change The Music Faster

If there is a song you don't like or just want change the song quickly, press R1 at the Main Menu.

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