NBA Live 99 Cheats & Codes

Bonus Teams

Enter the "Rosters" screen and select the "Create Custom Team" option. 
Then, enter one of the following locations and team names to activate the 
corresponding team that consists of members of the development staff.

Location	Team name

EA 	Europals
Hitmen  	Coders
Hitmen  	Earplugs
Hitmen  	Idlers
Hitmen  	Pixels
Hitmen  	Rebounds

Fake Pass

While playing a game, press R2 + X.

NBA Live 99 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Play As Phoenix Gorilla

Go to Create Player and enter the name Big Boy. Then put in Charles Barkely's attributes. If you did this right, the Phoenix Suns Gorilla should appear on the free agent list.