NCAA Football 09 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

A Sticky Situation

When you through a 30 or more yard touchdown pass your wideout will get sticky fingers so when you throw the ball and he's nearly open or open he will catch it.

Glitch On Defense

When you are on Defense, just after you have called your play. Get ready. You can move your player past the line of scrimmage and line him up next to the quarterback or running back. The key is not to touch any player on the offense or you will be flagged for offside. Once the ball is snapped you can sack the QB or tackle the Rb behind the line. This works all day long. It is difficult to do on punts and field goals. You have to be fast using a defensive lineman because you have to clear the line before the center gets up to the ball. Sometimes a player goes in motion but you can move as long as you have time to, if not you've been duked.

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