NCAA Football 2003 Cheats & Codes

Feelin' Good

Feel like shovin' a big gain in the opponents face? If you are far enough ahead of the closest defender, you can taunt them good.Press L1, L2, R1, or R2 inside the ten-yard line to point to the crowd or high-step it home! Note: The taunting may cause a penalty if used frequently in one game.

Touchdown Celebrations

Hold one of the following buttons after the 20 yard line:
Point upwards: Press L1 or R1. 
Highstep: Press L2. 
Hold up football: Press R2.(Do not press R2 when your teammate is Behind you.)

NCAA Football 2003 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ultimate Team

Create a team, then go to team depth chart, then select any player and go to the edit player menu. Now you can change all of the players attributes to 99. Do this to all your players and get the ultimate team.

Start Your Team Out #1 In Season Or Dynasty

To Start Your Team out #1 Start a season or dynasty then Push select Then Replace your team with Miami (FL) and press X on Miami and there you go! (Note: Must Be A created Team or Division 1AA Team.)

Oregon Mascot

To be the Oregon Mascot,you have to go undefeted in a season with Oregon.

Better Plays

Let the computer select your play by waiting until the offense is done selecting there play, Then wait about 7 seconds.

Get Game Cheats,stadiums,team Boost,and Historic Teams

Play game(s) and follow the campus challenge which could be found in the my NCAA spot on the main menu in order to get these cheats, stadium, etc. You must get credits which well be getten by completing campus challenge. When you finish with your game go to my NCAA and go to pennant collection and press O but you must have a least 50 credits.

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