Need For Speed: High Stakes Cheats & Codes

View Fireworks During Races

Set the system date to July 4 to view fireworks during the races.


First, download your save game data file. Then type any of these codes on the main menu-
cars - for all cars
tracks - for all tracks
gofast - to upgrade engine (arcade)
monkey - to upgrade transmission (arcade)
moon - low gravity (arcade)
madland - computers get better or go crazy (all)
buy - free purchase (career)
up0 - no upgrade (career)
up1 - level 1 upgrade (career)
up2 - level 2 upgrade (career)
up3 - level 3 upgrade (career)
gates - gets you more cash (career)
alltiers - activates all tiers (??) (career)
tr?? (where ?? is 00 to 14) - drive as traffic 
car (arcade)
?car (where ? is A,B or C) - bonus car
?cop (where ? is D,E or F) - bonus persuit car
outmyway - causes nearest opps tyres to explode! (all)
resetya - resets all opps nearby (all)

All Tracks And Cars

To activate the cheat, first download the sava game data file. Then at the first menu, type TRACKS for all tracks then CARS for all cars

Career Mode Cheats

Get the saved data file and on the Career Mode, type the code for the result:
Code    Result
gates   $500k
buy     free car
up0     no upgrade
up1     level 1 upgrade
up2     level 2 upgrade
up3     level 3 upgrade
madland professional opponents (avalable for Arcade too)

Need For Speed: High Stakes Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Empire City Shortcut

In Empire City, at the end of the lap, in the final turn (A RIGHT HAIRPIN) there will be piles of crates on the right side of the road. If you look properly you will see a gap in the crates. Go through it.

Redrock Ridge Shortcut

In the middle of the lap, there will be a REAL SHARP left turn. There will also be a gap between the rocks before the hairpin. Go through the gap.

Get La Ninas

Keep winning the La Nina Cup over and over.

More Cars

Keep winning HIGH STAKES RACES over and over and over. It got me 7 McLarens and its real easy to beat the computer.

Get Bonus Porsches

Win the Porsche Pro Cup over and over.

Get Bonus Cameros

Win the Chevrolet Pro Cup over and over.

Hot Persuit Hint

When going through police roadblocks, NEVER EVER go through the middle as the police cars are joined up and hitting them wil result in a flip. Instead, go around them. This also helps avoid spike-strips as they are sometimes placed just in front of roadblocks.

Another Hot Persuit Hint

If you are the cop then when you catch one of those computers, fine them and let them go then only let them go upto 40 kmph before switching on your siren, bashing them again and fining them computer again.

Country Woods Shortcut

In Country Woods, after the huge hairpin and the right, left, left, left turns there will be some trees to your right. If you can manuevre through the trees then you can cut upto 10 secs. of your lap time.

Knock Competition Off In Country Woods

In Country Woods, after the beginning part, there will be a HUGE hairpin going upwards leading into a right, left, left, left turn combo. You will notice that above the hairpin there is no railing. So if your opponent is on your right then RAM 'EM and see them tumble down!

Hot Persuit Hiding Place In Empire City

Its easier to get in if you do the track backwards: After starting the race (backwards) and going through the first turn (sharp left) there will be piles of crates on your right AND left. If you look on the right and left, there will be gaps in the piles of crates. Instead of going to the gap in the left, go to the gap in your right. It will be a short alley but if you wedge yourself in the middle, the police wont find you for at least 7 minutes.

Get Ferrari 550 Maranello

Win the 'Tour Du Jour' high stakes race over and over.

Click The Photo Mini-game

Select the "Credits" icon after the game loads and use the option to change the display from text to photographs. Then, repeatedly click on the pictures as they appear until a "Click The Photo" mini-game begins.

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