Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0 Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything

Unlocks all performance upgrades, all visual upgrade with !mr. blonde as your name when you first play.

Start With $500,000, All Cars And All Performance Parts:

Enter !giddy-up as a profile name.

All Cop Cars Unlocked In Tuner Take-down And $100,000

Enter !bacon as a profile name.

All Tracks And $100,000

enter "!get-set" as a profile name to unlock all tracks and get an extra 100,000 dollars too.

Start With $200,000, All Performances & Visual Upgrades:

Enter !tuner-well as a profile name.

Start With $100,000 And Unlock All Tracks

Enter !get-set as a profile name.

Unlock All Visual And Performance

Rnter "ridin dirty" as a cheat to unlock all visual and performance

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Webster's Vinyl

Beat Webster and own car

Izzy's Vinyl

Beat Izzy and own car

Avoid Cop Cars

To avoid cop cars, stay on the sides of rodes so cops do not try to ram you and turn you around.

Turn Sharper

When turning a sharp corner and you feel that you are going to hit the wall, turn on the 'speed-breaker' (triangle/ down). This will give you an extra 90 degree's of turn.

Ming's Vinyl

Beat Ming and own car

Jv's Vinyl

Beat JV and own car

Ronnie's Vinyl

Beat Ronnie and own car

Bull's Vinyl

Beat Bull and own car

Sonny's Vinyl

Beat Sonny and own car

Taz's Vinyl

Beat Taz and own car

Vic's Vinyl

Beat Vic and own car

Baron's Vinyl

Beat Baron and own car

Earl's Vinyl

Beat Earl and own car

Jade's Vinyl

Beat Jade and own car

Kaze's Vinyl

Beat Kaze and own car

Time Trial

When you are in the time trial always take the shortcuts or you will never make it in time.


Each level has a shortcut. Try looking around to find different roads. This is really good when you are racing or doing a time trial.

Bonus Parts

There are two bonus races per Black List member. You get one if you beat all of the races and the boss, which will give you the Super Composite Spoiler. If you complete all of that and the Outruns, you'll get another race which holds the Super Composite Hood. It's basically a Carbon Fiber Hood except that it's red.

Winning Cash

When you beat a Blacklist racer and if you win a new car you can sell your old cars parts for big cash, so you can modify your new car. Note: You can only sell Performance Upgrades not Visual Upgrades.


When versing an opponent, in either career mode, multiplayer mode, or anywhere else, try to hit the opponent in the back of the car and turn slightly turn right or left and so your opponent can turn around and fall back in last place!