Need for Speed: Nitro Cheats & Codes


Put in HACKER as drivers license or what ever it is and you get all cars, cups unlocked and you get super good acceleration.

Need for Speed: Nitro Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Using The Nitro

The nitrous helps you go super fast but don't use it around sharp turns or it might total your car like it did mine. It can be used for mainly anything but the two main reasons are to pass somebody up and out run the cops.

Lose The Cops

There are possibly two ways to lose the cops one use the badge to send the cops to another person in front of you the second one is turn down a side road if their in front of you and that wont lose them for long but they would get off of you.


Stars are your keys to advancing through the career. You earn stars by: Placing well in races (1st= 3 stars) or Getting a certain number of style points or Beating a lap or completion time for a single event.
There are a total of 480 stars. Good things happen if you can get all stars in one city or do well in the Grand Prix.
You need 100 stars to enter the Bronze Grand Prix and 210 to unlock the Silver Grand Prix.
Cities and cars are usually unlocked every 20 stars.
Rank upgrades are unlocked every 50 stars. Some races can only be entered at a certain rank.

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