Need for Speed: ProStreet Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Money

If you are having trouble getting enough money to upgrade or buying all the cars here's the deal. If you have beaten 100% of the game you would receive all the Race Version Cars. (NOTE: Don't buy the cars, when you beat the game you would receive them as prizes and you would save a lot of money.) If you have the Audi RS4 upgrade it and go to "Mondello Park" and look for the race that gives you the $14000. Enter the race and stay in last place if you like. It is a speed trap race, just stay behind and use NOS when you get closer to the check point. The car doesn't take any damage depending on how you drive but I tested crashing into the wall at 139MPH on the last turn and nothing happened. If you are a good driver go in first and use NOS to keep ahead. Be sure to stay on the road. Last tip: If timer comes up if you are in last place use the remaining NOS if you have any to cut through the field to end the race. You should get $14500. It is better than nothing.

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