Need For Speed Underground Rivals Cheats & Codes

Infinate Boost

At selection screen press Down, Circle, Circle, Up, Square, Circle.

Need For Speed Underground Rivals Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get $30,000 Fast

Go to quick race mode and get to the 7th drag race and complete the bronze and silver. (The best car is the LV2 240SX)

What Cars To Use

I have came up with a list of some good yet farley cheap cars that will help a lot with certin kinds of races.
Race              Car
Street Cross     My favorite Mx-5 (good handling)
Drift Attack     Any car with good handlng.
Nitrous Run      Mx-5 (NEED GOOD HANDLING)
Drag             Charger (fast and good accel)

Circuit          Mazda Rx-8 (fast and ok handling)
Lap Knockout     Mazda Rx-8
Rally Relay      Mazda Rx-8
Remember these are not the best cars. There are more expensive and better cars.

Avoid Losing Control

Before hitting a wall, press R1 to help avoid losing control.

Level 3 Parts

When you reach 33 percent of the game completed you should get level 3 parts.

Level 2 Upgrades

Once you reach 15% game completage you should be able to get lv 2 upgrades

Car List

The following cars are unlocked for purchase in order:
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0L: $22,000 
Ford Focus ZX3: $18,000 
Mazda Miata MX-5: $19,000 
Dodge Neon: $17,000 
Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC-V: $21,000 
Toyota Celica GT-S: $23,000 
Nissan 240SX: $30,000 
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX: $32,000 
Mazda RX-7: $34,000 
Mazda RX-8: $48,000 
Pontiac GTO: $46,000 
Subaru WRX STi: $46,000 
1969 Dodge Charger: $44,000 
Toyota Supra: $52,000 
Nissan 350Z: $54,000 
Mitsubishi Lancer: $51,000 
Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R: $56,000 
1967 Ford Mustang: $65,000 
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR: $70,000 
Chevrolet Corvette Z06: $72,000

Helpful Momentum

In the Nitrous Run Race, if your time is about two to four seconds from expiring, aim the car at the gate and use all the nitrous remaining. Even if the timer runs out, your car will keep going enough without the gas and may pass the gate. If so, the timer will start again and your nitrous tank will be refilled, allowing you to continue with the race.

Bonus Parts

Successfully complete the last race of a set with a gold medal to unlock bonus parts.

Boss Cars

Some race events are listed as "Boss Race" in the event description. Win that event on the gold difficulty setting to be awarded that Boss' car. When you win a Boss car, it will appear in the Pocket Garage, and you can race it in any game event.