Need for Speed: World Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Make Money A Little Bit Faster...FREE

The best way to get money faster is to enter a tier 1 team escape. Yeah, the cops are annoying but it's more fun and you get roughly $500 more!

Easy Money

In NFS:W, play team escape. It gets you $2000-$3000 each escape. So you can earn money quickly and easily.

Easily Evade Spots

The first 2 are in little cubby holes by the docks to the awy south (the lobster shacks). The third one is by the shipyard, it is behind a glitch wall, you can pass through but for some reason they cant. The fourth is between the other locations, there is a garage type thing with a fish above it, go in here and you wont get caught. All of these locales have cooldowns as well.

Car Gone Mad

At the stadium in riverfront the box thing if you put your front tire off it will start going crazy if you wait and if done correct.