Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Kreludan Blade

First you must free Bogshot of the dark plague they have. Then you talk to Grimmar the Smithy. He will say hes up to some free smithery. Theres a catch, he needs Kreludan ore. It is located in Draconack ridge. He will give you some mining keys to open doors in the cave[theres really one door but it wont look like one]. After that you must go to draconack ridge. There are multiple signs in draconack ridge so read them. One should say draconack mines. There will be a wall with metal on it if you walk near it it will say open. In there should be stalagmites that break. There are two floors so be sure to break all of them. There will be a big Kreludan mountain in the middle. That is where I found mine[I think the location varies, You probably should check there first]. There is a ladder somewhere in the middle area that will take you to the first floor where you leave. Take it back to Grimmar. He will give you the blade[if you don't get it try talking to him twice]. This is the strongest blade you can have. [Try equipping NOVA or SUPERNOVA! ]{you'll kill everything in two to three hits}.

How To Defeat Plant Boss

When you start fighting there will be a tentacle you must kill first. Then when the apples fall stand on one until he attacks, his head will get stuck so you can attack (repeat twice). Then he is dead, and you can move on.

Super Petpet Glitch

This is a very helpful glitch first, you need to go to Market town, then you need to find the petpet that has all bounes for you near the armor shop, then feed it a silver negg and enter the armor shop next to you while it is eating and that should do it.