Nerf N-Strike Cheats & Codes

Unlock Best Gun In The Game

The best gun in the game is the semperfire ultra. To unlock it put in the code Cromo1.

To unlock a fantasy blaster enter then code:DOOM.

More Unlockable Guns

Go to the cheat section at the main menu and put: 24KGCON4 for the Habanero, RSMERC9 for the Mercurio, HELIOX6 for the Fire Fly Elite, CRUSH14 for the Crusher, and BHDETA8 for the Blackheart Vengance.

Unlockable Guns

Enter these codes in the "Codes" option of the menu: THISIS12 - Unlocks Spartan NCS-12 fiero2 - Unlocks Goliathan Nitro

Cristol Pistol

In cheats to unlock the cristol pistol enter CRISTOL10.

Unlock the Vulcan Magma

Enter the code: Magma3.


On the "Codes" section, enter: dogie15


In the "Codes" section, enter: hrange13

Mavrick Midnight

Enter the code: mavmid7

Long Shot Street

In the cheat section, enter: longst5

Vulcan Magma

Enter the code: Magma3

Nerf N-Strike Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlock Goliathan Nitro Blaster

Go to the main menu with 6 options. Click on the codes option/button. Type the code in and unlock the blue gun with flames on it, also known as the Goliathan Nitro Blaster.

Easy Way To Beat Raven

Use the best gun you have on Raven's levels. You might find this easier than picking a random gun. Note: you can find your best gun when you click on it. The one that has the highest number is your best gun.

4 Challenges

There are 4 challengers. First is Komodo with mavrick, second is Jackal with recon, third is raven with longshot street, and fourth is Tango with vulcan. It gets harder after every challenge.

Green Triangles

The green triangles get you back to full shield.

Nerf N-Strike Unlockables & Awards

Revolt Of The Machines

When you beat Tango you are the elite striker and unlock the last level revolt of the machines were you fight a bunch of machines.