Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Quests/Karma Trick

Double Leviathan marks: Go to green squirrels and go south. Click the big brown leviathan and say no, you won't help. Then go buy/find a leviatathan talisman and free a leviathan. Go back to the brown leviathan for the second mark. Cool Job marks: After getting to lv 50, do tailoring/weaving/smelting etc without getting any other marks in succession for a cool looking legend. Dog spells: say "secret" to each of the 4 dogs until one says something to you. at lv 70 or so you can get spells off them. If you switch specializations between woodcutting/smithing, you'll get karma. Do it over and over for maximum effect.

Newbie Exp

From levels 6-20/25, you can hunt green squirrels (nagnang and south) for fast easy exp.