NFL Blitz Pro Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get Credit

Go to exhibition mode to get credit you may not quit the game because you won't get credit only if you win after you get credit go to the main menu and press L1 or R1. When the menu's change go to the game mode where it says blitz shop you can unlock stuff and have fun when you unlock new teams because I unlocked all of them.

Easy Yardage

When you play against any computer opponent, run the QUICK HITS play. It is the first square button play under Goal Line. When you snap the ball, run to your right a few steps, then throw the ball to the L1 reciever, who is running straight out to the left. After you cacth the ball, run as far as you can, and try to stiffarm (L2) people to get more yardage. (Sometimes the reciever might have to dive for the ball, and he may get tackled)

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