NFL Fever 2003 Cheats & Codes

1989 49ers

Enter Empire

1985 Bears

Enter Sausage

1998 Broncos

Enter Milehigh

1996 Packers

Enter Green

1978 Steelers

Enter Curtain

1967 Packers

Enter Cheese

1993 Cowboys

Enter Lonestar

1977 Cowboys

Enter Thehat

1964 Browns

Enter Bigrun

1972 Dolphins

Enter Perfect

1983 Raiders

Enter Outlaws

Unlock Extra Teams And Stadiums

Enter the following codes as your User Profile Name to unlock the extras.

Commandos Stadium 	Barracks 
Tumbleweed Stadium 	Dustbowl  
Pansies Stadium 	Flowery 
Pyramid Stadium 	Sphinx 
Samurai Stadium 	Warrior 
Eruption 		Lava 
DaRulahs 		Tut 
Crocs 		Crykie 
The Commandoes 	Camo 
The Hackers 	Axemen 
The Skeletons 	Stone 
The Monks 		Robes 
The Pansies 	Viola 
The Samurai 	Slasher 
The Wildcats 	Kitty  
The War Elephants 	Horns 
Chromides 		Regulate  
Spies 		Target  
Tumbleweeds 	Dusty 
Cows 		Milk 
Creampuffs 		Cakewalk 
Firemen 		Blazer 
King Cobras 	Venom 
Mimes 		Silence  
Polars 		Igloo 
Sorcerers 		Spellboy 
Thunder Sheep 	Flock 
Winged Gorillas 	Flying 
85 Bears 		Sausage 
89 Niners 		Empire

NFL Fever 2003 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

2-pt Coversion Play,Always Works

On a 2-pt coversion play go to shotgun, gun 5 WR, and go down to a play called "gun clearout".On this play pass to reciver "x" or reciver "y". Tis play will work 9 out of 10 times.

Getting Players In Dynasty Mode

Use the following trick to get any player and create a player with as high a rating as you want in dynasty mode. First, at the main menu, go to "General Manger", and trade, sign, or create whomever you want. Next go to "Season", and on to "Dynasty". Turn off the salary cap and alter your depth chart. You should now have all of your favorite players without having to pay too much for them.

Unlocking Bonus Stadiums Easily

Choose a team and simulate seasons in dynasty mode until the desired stadium is unlocked.

Commandos Stadium

Complete twenty five seasons in dynasty mode to unlock the Commandos stadium.

Pansies Stadium

Complete twenty seasons in dynasty mode to unlock the Pansies stadium.

Tumbleweed Stadium

Complete fifteen seasons in dynasty mode to unlock the Tumbleweed stadium.

Samurai Stadium

Complete ten seasons in dynasty mode to unlock the Samurai stadium.

Pyramid Stadium

Complete five seasons in dynasty mode to unlock the Pyramid stadium.

1996 Green Bay Packers

Successfully complete the Passing Drills in training camp mode to unlock the 1996 Green Bay Packers in single player mode.

1983 Los Angeles Raiders

Successfully complete the Tackling Drills in training camp mode to unlock the 1983 Los Angeles Raiders in single player mode.

1977 Dallas Cowboys

Successfully complete the Running Drills in training camp mode to unlock the 1977 Dallas Cowboys in single player mode.

1964 Cleveland Browns

Successfully complete the Kicking Drills in training camp mode to unlock the 1964 Cleveland Browns in single player mode.

Classic Teams

Defeat the teams in classic challenge mode to unlock them in single player mode.