NFL GameDay 2001 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Enter the options screen and choose the "Easter Eggs" selection. Then, 
enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result  				Code

All Bobo teams  			ALL BOBO
All players have equal abilities  		ALL EVEN
Super speed bursts  			ROCKET MAN
Harder and longer passes  		SHOOTERS
Receivers catch better  			STICKEM
Better running back  			SUPER FOOT
Better defensive line  			LINE BUSTER
CPU cannot kick ball far  			AIR CPU
CPU plays badly  			CHEATERS
Harder tackles  			CRUNCH
More hits  				JACKHAMMER
Players have more endurance  		ENDURANCE
Players fatigue easier  			FATIGUE
Players named after U.S. presidents  		OVAL OFFICE
Players named after basketball stars  		BASKETBALL
Players named after European league stars  	EURO LEAGUE
Players named after programmers  		RED ZONE
Play on bonus GameDay field  		GD FIELD
989 Studios players  			989SPORTS
Faster players  			BOOSTER
Tall, skinny players  			STICK MEN
Small, fast players  			POP WARNER
Tiny players  			FLEA CIRCUS
Large players  			GIANTS
Large football  			BIG PIG
Flat players  			TWO D
Cycle through cheerleaders after game  	FASHION SHOW
Frame by frame movement  		STROBE LIGHT
More injuries  			HAM INJURY
Expert mode  			SMARTER CPU
Unbeatable team  			UNBEATABLE

NFL GameDay 2001 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Bonus Teams

At the team selection screen, press Circle for the Super Bowl teams. Press Circle(2) at the team selection screen for the All-Star teams.

NFL GameDay '99 Music

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear music from the opening of NFL GameDay '99.

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