NFL GameDay 2002 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Enter the options screen and choose the "Easter Eggs" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect 				Code 

All Bobo teams 			ALL_BOBO 
Better defense line 			LINE_BUSTER 
Better running back 			SUPER_FOOT 
Big players 				TINY 
Cheerleaders pictures after game 		FASHION_SHOW 
Floating players 			POP_WARNER 
GameDay stadium 			GRUDGE_MATCH 
High endurance 			ENDURANCE 
Large football 			BIG_PIG 
Players named after 989 Sports programmers	989_SPORTS 
Players named after European league stars 	EURO_LEAGUE 
Players named after NBA stars 		BASKETBALL 
Players named after Redzone programmers 	RED_ZONE 
Players named after U.S. Presidents 		OVAL_OFFICE 
Reduce fatigue 			FATIGUE 
Tall and skinny players 			PENCILS 
View credits 			CREDITS
Small Players			MUNCHKINS

Bonus Teams

At the team selection screen, press Circle for the Super Bowl teams. Press Circle (2) at the team selection screen for the All-Star teams.

NFL GameDay 2002 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Creating/ Choosing Players Wisely

The best way to build a productive O- line is to just create it. In Season, or General Manager mode go to Create player, (not create super player) and make a bunch of fat guys to run and pass block. Choose attributes wisely and you are on your way to a great season. Don't spend to much money on Tight ends, O- line, and D-line. You can create them much cheaper for the same results as a guy that would cost you multi-millions in the free agent category of the front office. Also, if you have played numerous years with a team and your specialty guys- such as- WR, QB, RB, are asking for over 5 million you should dump them and create other players under (Superplayer). Each guy will cost you about 5 million or less. Make your WR- have the best hands. Make your QB' have the best accuracy, and give your RB the best speed. Your team will be unstoppable for a very cheap price. Remember that when you create a player, the contract is normally for one year. When it comes time to resign players you should dump them and create them again or you will be in trouble with the salary cap.