NFL Quarterback Club '99 Cheats & Codes

Always Throw Complete Passes

Before the "hut" while in play hit C-Up(5)

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the cheat menu to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:

Result			Code

Alien stadium		SCLLYMLDR
Unlock all bonus teams  		XTRTMS
Opponents score set to 0  	RLSTN
Start game with 12 points  	BLOWOUT or SHTOUT
Eight downs  		DBLDWNS
Thin players  		TTHPCK
Fat players  			MRSHMLLW
Short players  		SHRTGYS
Players bounce like pinballs  	PNBLL
Players on fire  		HSNFR
Big feet  			REALBIGFEET
Ball always fumbled  		BTTRFNGRS
No fumbles  			STCKYBLL
Big coins during toss  		BGMNY
Big football  			BCHBLL
More injuries  		HSPTL
Electric football mode  		XTRVLTG
Rugby mode  		RGBY
Landmine mode  		PPCRNRTRNS
Racquetball mode  		RCQTBLL
Slowmotion mode  		FRRSTGMP
Turbo mode  		TRBMN
Kickers never miss  		PWRKCKR
Flubber ball  		FLBBR
Slippery field  		SLPNSLD
Pylons on field  		PWRPYLNS

NFL Quarterback Club '99 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Reset Play

While the quarterback is still kneeling before a play begins, quickly pause the game. Then a new play may be selected when the game is resumed.