NHL 2002 Cheats & Codes

Barenaked Ladies!

Create a player using one of the following names: Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, or Kevin Hearn. The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that band member.

NHL 2002 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Great Created Players

when creating a player set the player at a 5 year veteran. then when doing his attributes, put all the first page at 100's. your guy will come out to be between 97-99

All-Star Teams

Play through a season and finish the All-Star game. Save the game and two All- Star teams will be unlocked at the team selection screen.

Trade For A Higher Player

Keep trading up one or two overall numbers until you get to the player you want. For example, trade Mark Messier (80) trade for Oates (81). Then trade Oates for an 82 and so on.

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