NHL FaceOff '99 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Player

Use the following steps to create and overall 99 rated player. Select "Transactions" from the starting screen. Then, select "Create Player". Give him a name, any height or weight, and the following attributes Skating: 95 Speed: 95 Shot power: 98 Shot accuracy: 98 Passing accuracy: 98 Aggression: 40 Fighting: 40 Endurance: 40 Wrist shot power: 98 Checking : 99 Passing ability: 98 Puck handling: 98

Replay Close-up

Press Start, then when you are in the start menu, press Start again.

Turbo Boost

Hold Circle when you are skating down the ice.

Easy Goals And Breakaways

To score easy goals first get in back of the goalie. Next, get in front of the goalie and hold the shoot button. It takes practice but it works. For easy breakaways, go to your side of the ice and tap the shoot button. If you retrieve it, it might be a breakaway. This takes practice.

Free Players For Your Team

Go to transactions and pick transactions. Go to release players and release any player from any team. Next go to Sign Free Agent. You can now pick up any of the people on any team that you dropped off of the other teams!

Creating Players

For an overall 99, go to CREATE PLAYER. Put in your name, height, etc. When you go to attributes, put everything to 99 except for Endurance, Aggression, Checking, and Fighting. If you have any left over points from all the 99's, then just even the points out with those four. When you go to "Sign Free Agent", your created player will be an overall 99.

Easy Goals

To get an easy goal, first make sure one of your players has the pucik. Then press START, change to the other team and put in a new goalie. Before you unpause, go back to your normal team. When you resume the game the net will be empty for awhile.