NHL Hitz Pro Cheats & Codes


When entering a profile name at the choose team screen, enter these codes to unlock different cheats:
HERK-Big Head (Player)
INGY-Big Head (Team)
211S-Differnt Puck Size
SASG-Differnt Puck Shadows
CARB-Puck Glows
To activate codes, puase the game, go to "Settings", then "Game Tuning", the "Visuals", then "Cheats" to toggle cheats on and off.

NHL Hitz Pro Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Goals

If you are having trouble scoring, here's what to do: Somehow get the opposite goalie to hold on for the draw. Try to win the draw and skate out to the center of the ice infront of the blue line, not out of the zone. Hold square for 2 seconds let go and tap square realy fast one time. You should get a deflection. If not grab the puck and keep passing it right infront of the net and one time it. Keep that up and they'll ice it and you can try again.

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