Nightclub City Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Make Millions

Get a high level and buy a club on Main Street or another place. Then decorate and add to that club until it's as good as your first club. Then you get double the money. And you can keep doing that with all of the other towns until you're stinkin rich!

Drink Up

When you load up the page go to the store and buy tones of bar supply. After you get like 10, 00 bar supply you will probably unlock a reward. The reward is maybe some cash or some cool item. Thanks for reading!

Gain Money Faster

When you do challenges, any thing that is worth 100k+ sell it and spend all the money on building you bar stock. You may think your wasting money but really when you go offline you still sell drinks so when you come back online you'll be richer.