Nightmare Creatures Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, type "everywhere" to enable cheat mode and a level selection feature. Then, enter one of the following codes:

alain guyet		Enable all cheats
boulon		Infinite items
gu		One hit kills
bes		Debug mode
blur		Blur mode
bronko		Play as a creature
chico		Small creatures
david		Disable combos
moby		Music test
lovdik		Development team message


Triple Strike: Press [Strike] [Strike] [Strike]

Triple Kick: Press [Kick] [Kick] [Kick]

Temple Strike: Press [Strike] [Strike] [Kick]

Scotish Backhand: Press [Strike] [Kick] [Strike]

Last Judgement: Press [Kick] [Strike] [Block]

Lunge Kick: Press [Strike] [Jump] [Kick]

Hammer Curl: Press [Kick] [Strike] [Strike]

Windmill Slam: Press [Kick] [Kick] [Kick] [Strike]

Grescent Kick: Press [Strike] [Kick] [Kick]

Hammerhead Crush: Press [Strike] [Kick] [Jump]

Cyclone Leg Sweep: Press [Strike] [Strike] [Strike] [Kick] 

Judas Jack Knife: Press [Kick] [Jump] [Block]

Spin Strike: Press [Kick] [Strike] [Kick] [Strike]

Ahab's Revenge: Press [Strike] [Kick] [Strike] [Kick]

High Kick Feint : Press [Strike] [Jump] [Strike] [Kick] 

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