Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack: Vol. 1 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlockable Costumes

To use the new costumes hold down either the black or white buttons while selecting a stage in master tournament. Press the Black button for the Evil Ryu outfit and white for DOA Ninja Outfit.

Unlockable Scarab List

# of Scarabs Unlocked Item 

5 	Wooden Sword  
10 	Armlet of Fortune. 
15 	Vigoorian Flails  
20 	Armlet of the Moon  
25 	Dihalbro  
30 	Armlet of the Sun  
35 	Armlet of Benediction  
40 	Jewel of the Demon Seal  
45 	Armlet of Tranquility  
50 	Dark Dragon Blade