Obscure Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beat Big Fat Monster

When you encounter a big fat leach-lookin monster with a human head, wait until he puts his hand down from his face to shoot at him. If you don't you will be wasting your ammo. Pop off a few rounds and his head will bob at each shot. Then shine your light at the little ones with the boost on. Simply repeat this until he dies.

Be Prepared

Needless to say, you may walk into a room and walk into an unexpected attack. Make sure you have the weapon you need to do the most damage ofcourse. Always be sure you have your flashlight taped to your pistol. Remember to break any windows letting in the light as soon as you enter any room. Also, use your light boost on your flashlight while shooting the monsters. It increases the damage done on them. Should you run out of ammo, don't change weapon right there, run out of the room or into the light of a window to reload or change weapons.

Special Aptitudes

Change characters often, including going back to certain rooms with different ones. They each have their own special aptitudes. Pushing the aptitude button might give you a hint that you are missing something in the room. It also gives slight hints on certan tasks with the right character.

Stick N Move

When you use your light boost it drains the battery in your flashlight fairly quick. Take a couple shots while using the light boost, release the light boost and move away. Then turn around for a couple more shots with the light boost on again. This keeps the battery from draining too fast and lets you continue doing more damage when shooting monsters. Not to mention it keeps a little distance between you and them, keeping you from taking any more damage than you have to.

Save Your Ammo

Use your gun to break windows you can't quite reach. But, remember to save your ammo by hitting all the other windows you CAN reach with a ball bat or metal bar/pipe.

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