One Piece: Grand Adventure Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Finding Skypiea

When you go to Albasta you'll see a shipwreck - go there & fight Shanks, then go to the graveyard of ships fight Mihawk and win - he'll give you a compass that says Skypiea on it. Go to (to get to jaya island after u beet Mihawk go to in sore alabasta and fight Nico Robin) Jaya Island, then then go in the whirlpool - it will turn into a Waterspout & shoot you to Skypiea

Unlock Shanks

When you play as buggy in grand adventure go to the Shipwreck Graveyard - the second shipwreck on the left is Shanks! Defeat him and his crew of Lucky Roux, Beckmann, and Yassopp and you unlock Shanks for grand battle mode!

One Piece: Grand Adventure Unlockables & Awards

How To Unlock Chaser

Well first you go through at least Luffy and Crocodile's story modes to unlock Chaser's story mode. Then get Chaser to level 15, when he gets his secret attack, and then win with him in a battle.

Unlock Heat-Fist Trace

Okay first beat Luffy's and Buggy's story mode. Then go back to Buggy's, and go to the map where the Baratie the Bistro of the Brine is located. Beat Johnny and Yosaku in the rumble battle, to access the duck race (your racing Trace). Win the race in 1 minute and 30 seconds to get Trace's grand compass. Then go to the Drum Island map, and fight Trace. Win the fight to get him on your crew, then use him in a fight to unlock him. (the cool thing is that instead of racing on a duck, Trace rides his boat)

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