Opoona Cheats & Codes

Rank Stars For The Endgame

  • Fifth Citizen Ranking Star : Earned by acquiring the Five-Star Landroll Ranger License. Must be done before talking to woman for Sixth Star.
  • Five-Star Landroll Ranger License : Acquired by winning 100 battles in the Intelligent Sea server room.
  • Sixth Citizen Ranking Star : Earned by talking to a woman on the bottom floor of the Moon Forest Tokione Hotel after spending the night.
  • Opoona Unlockables & Awards

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  • 2 - Grape : Collect one Secret Code "Unceasing Child" found at TK Starhouse 3F Boy's Dorm (outside third bedroom)
  • 3 - Muscat : Treasure Shell in Lifeborn East \ Matia Mine (back right corner)
  • 5 - Orange : Treasure Shell in Artiela \ Wilderness Ruins 1F (right outer side)
  • 6 - Light Blue : Defeat Tyrant in the Pirate Cave at Pirate Grove.
  • 8 - Gray : Complete Job 'Clean by Vacuum Hose' for Bobby at Artiela Open Art Cafe.